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KUSKUSKY PATH PA Historical Marker
How did Kushkushkee Trail Chapter, NSDAR, get its name?

What is the Kushkushkee Trail?

"The old Kushkushkee Indian Trail branched off the Venango Trail (Perry Hwy), and followed the approximate route of Ingomar Road into Franklin (now Franklin Park Borough.) It  followed the present Brandt School Road to the Marshall Township Line and proceeded along the course of Route 856 towards Ogle. The Kushkushkee Trail then continued in a northwesterly direction and thus connected the Indian settlement at Kushkushkee, near New Castle, with those around the present site of Pittsburgh. The trail appears on a warrant map made in 1785. Prior to this, it was heavily traveled by centuries of Indians in western Pennsylvania. Some historians contend that the Kushkushkee Trail was a part of the Venango Trail, which connected Fort Duquesne with Fort Machault at Venango, now called Franklin, PA."

compiled by Elvira Gillespie Benjamin, PhD, Organizing Regent
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